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In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1)

Douglas' Office Defends Creationist on Panel: Christianity Not a 'Fringe View'

Joseph Flaherty
September 18, 2018
Phoenix New Times (Arizona)

Diane Douglas' office is defending her decision to appoint a young-earth creationist to help review and change state education standards on evolution.


As Phoenix New Times reported last week, Douglas, the Arizona superintendent, tapped Arizona Origin Science Association President Joseph Kezele, who believes in a literal interpretation of the Bible's Genesis narrative, for an August 30 working group that finalized the evolution science standards.

In interviews following the article's publication, the superintendent's chief of staff, Michael Bradley, said, "We wanted to include a wide variety of views so that wed get the best product possible."

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Should this be filed under Creationism or Freedom of Speech or Religious Liberty?

Christian Science Teacher Fired Over Creationism to Head to Ohio Supreme Court

By Leonardo Blair , CP Contributor

February 26, 2013|

A 20-year Ohio middle school science teacher who was fired in 2011 for teaching creationism in his class will have his day in the Ohio Supreme Court on Wednesday when his lawyers will argue that his firing was a violation of his First and Fourteenth Amendment rights to free speech and religion.

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The Fossil Record of Early Man: What Does the Scientific Literature Reveal?
By: Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.
Many people are under the mistaken idea that the scientific literature in journals and publications will only support the idea of evolution. While it is true that most writers of articles that appear in peer reviewed scientific literature are evolutionist, this very same literature can be interpreted to show that evolution has many weaknesses. This implied "support" for evolution is founded on the bias that scientists have for evolution, especially in the area of early man. All scientists are biased because all scientists are human. Because all scientists are human they will all have biases that colors their research. All honest scientists admit that they have biases. An honest creation-scientist will also admit bias. Since creation-scientists are biased in the belief of a literal creation as outline in the book of Genesis, this interpretation will color their research and findings. The worse bias is to claim that you have no bias. If you claim you have no bias you deceive yourself.

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Creation or Evolution Does it Really Matter What You Believe?
By: Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.
Why has evolution become so widely accepted, and why has the Bible come to be viewed with such hostility? What has changed?

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 Life's Ultimate Question: Does God Exist?
By: Arnold C. Mendez, Sr.
Why do you exist? Does God Exist? People has asked these questions for centuries, but few found answers.

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     Students told about intelligent design
    - District 1st to inform pupils of alternative to Darwinism

    A school district in the Amish-region town of Dover, Pa., became the first in the nation officially to inform biology students of the theory of intelligent design as an alternative to Darwin's theory of Evolution.

    A one-minute statement read at the beginning of the school term says Darwin's theory is not a fact and continues to be tested, and "intelligent design is an explanation of the origin of life that differs from Darwin's view."

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