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Links to Christian websites interacting with Islam:
- worldnetdaily.com
- prophetofdoom.net
- islamreview.com
- blessedcause.com
- faithdefenders.com
- answering-Islam.org
- christiancoalition.org
- anti-cair-net.org
- abnsat.com
- jewsforjesus.org
- joelstrumpet.com
- ministrytomuslims.com
- morethandreams.org
- muslimhop.com
- muslimjourneytohope.com
- debate.org.uk/new/
- thereligionofpeace.com
- danielpipes.org
- islamreview.com
- confidentchristianity.com
- actforamerica.org
- stopshariahnow.org
- jihadwatch.org

Links to abortion websites:- lifenews.com

Links to human rights websites:
- persecution.com
- rutherford.org
- christianlaw.org

Links to creationism, evolution, clone websites:
- answersingenesis.org

"Keep sign up!" "Very good" "We are behind you."

"Great!" "We agree" "Christians need to do what you are doing." "Continue your sign." "Thank God for you"
- Local

"It is great... what you are doing." "We have some good info for you."
- Local, Lived in Saudi Arabia

"Saw your article in New York.. Ground Zero.." "In full support of you and what you are doing."
- New York

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Why does the church have a marquis sign and why is it important?
What has the recent response been to the marquis sign?
Has there been any positive response?
How will the church and Seminary respond to their opposition?
Why is it important for people to understand world religions and more specifically, the Islamic faith?
What is the difference between Islam and Christianity?
Who was Mohammed?
How did Islam get started?
Why is there such turmoil in the middle east?

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