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Please read just a few of the headlines that World Net Daily has published.


"Chicago-Area Muslim Banned From America"

Chicago - The president of a Chicago-area Muslim group said Sunday he still had not learned why immigration officials denied him permission to return to the United States after he visited his parents in Jordan. Sabri Samirah, president of the United Americans Association in suburban Palos Hills, says he was returning to Chicago last weekend after a three-week visit to Jordan when officials at Ireland's Shannon Airport told he could not return to the United States. He said they cited a fax from Brian Perryman, the Immigration and Naturalization Service director in Chicago, revoking his permission to leave the country. "I am waiting for more details from the INS about why they decided to bar me from going back to my home, my family and my work," Samirah said in a telephone interview from his parents' home in Jordan. "I am here in Jordan and my hands are tied and I feel very powerless." "They said he was a security risk, but they never explained what the risk is."
January 26, 2003



"Students Freed From Kenyan Torture"

Kenyan police have rescued 11 boys from an Islamic correctional center in the capital, Nairobi, where they were kept in chains and tortured. Most of the teenagers came from Kenya, but others were from the United Kingdom, Sweden and Ethiopia. "We sleep in chains, eat in chains, go to the toilets in chains" Abdikalik Jama.
In a dramatic raid at the Khadija Islamic Institute of Discipline and Education, the police were forced to fire in the air to fight off residents pelting them with them stones - before rescuing 10 teenagers who were being held at the center. They were kept in chains and secured by padlocks in small rooms with little ventilation or light in Eastleigh, a Nairobi suburb inhabited mainly by ethnic Somalis and refugees from the Horn of Africa….. Nairobi police boss Stephen Kimenchu led the late evening raid. "We found the children running around in chains. It was some kind of extreme confinement you cannot imagine to be happening in this country. We were not aware of this until yesterday when we go there." "It was a terrible place, they chain both legs and both arms, sometimes hands and feet together," he said. "They beat you at lunch time, dinner time and grab both legs and hands and give you lashes on the buttocks." Fellow student Abdikalik Jama from Eldoret in western Kenya talked of four months of torture and beatings: "We sleep in chains, eat in chains, go to the toilets in chains. Sometimes we are hooked on the roof in chains and left hanging. We have to memorize the Koran and get punished if we cannot recite the Koran in the classroom. "Our food was tea and bread in the morning, plain rice for lunch and rice and sugar for dinner," he said.

BBC News January 28, 2003



"Saudis Pledge Never To Allow Churches On Their Land"

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia, as the birthplace of Islam, will not allow churches to be built on its land, according to Defense Minister Prince Sultan. Islam is the only accepted religion in Saudi Arabia, home to the faith's holiest shrines in Mecca and Medina. "This country was the launch pad for the prophecy and the message, and nothing can contradict this, even if we lose our necks," Sultan said. His comments were published by Saudi newspapers and confirmed by several journalists who attended the press conference. Sultan said that foreigners have been allowed to worship freely in their homes since they began arriving in Saudi Arabia in 1951 but permitting a church in the country "would affect Islam and all Muslims." The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, an independent federal agency, complained last week that a new State Department list of countries that severely limit religious freedom omits several that deserve censure, including U.S. ally Saudi Arabia. The commission's annual reports say that religious freedom "does not exist" in the Gulf Kingdom. "Those who talked [about churches in Saudi Arabia] are church people and they are, unfortunately, fanatics," Sultan said. "We are not against religions at all … but there are no churches - not in the past, the present or future."

Associated Press
March 21, 2003


"Special To World"

Wednesday, February 12, 2003

GAZA CITY - Hamas leader Ahmed Yassin called on Muslims to attack U.S. nationals and Westerners when the U.S. - led attack on Iraq begins. In a letter to Muslims, Yassin urged them to attack Western interests the moment the regime of President Saddam Hussein is struck.

Yassin termed any U.S. attack as a war by the Crusaders against Islam, Middle East Newsline reported. He said any method of attack was permitted. "As they fight us, we have to fight them," Yassin, who lives in Gaza City, said in the letter. "Muslims should threaten Western interests and strike them everywhere," Yassin said in the letter.

"Baptist professors don’t see Islam as ‘peaceful’ religion”

By John Hall
Staff Writer, The Baptist Standard

Islam is a “peaceful religion,” President George W. Bush has assured the American public on several occasions since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, D.C.

Not so, say four Baptist experts on world religions, who characterize Islam as drawing from both violent and non-violent streams.

Bush’s assertion that Islam is “peaceful” is “ridiculous,” said James Chancellor, professor of missions at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Ky., and an authority on numerous world religions.

“He’s saying it for two reasons,” Chancellor said. “He’s saying it so the United States will not be seen as attacking Muslims. He’s also saying it to prevent attacks on Muslims.”

In the current world situation, it is virtually impossible to separate Islam as a religion from Islam as a political system, added Parks.

“You cannot separate the religion from the government or society,” he said. “It is a way of life. There is no idea of separation of church and state.”

Chancellor agreed: “Muslims have not separated those worlds. It is consistent to achieve religious goals through politics.”


In Defense of the Constitution

Anti-CAIR Press Release 011/03

May 21, 2003

- CAIR and Democracy? Mr. Awad Distorts…Again.
- Civil Liberties For All? Congresswoman Kaptur: Religion Bigot?

On 15 May, 2003 CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations, issued an American Muslim News Brief with an article entitled “Leaders Emphasize Compatinility Between Islam and Democracy” The article was written by Ms. Kathryn Schmidt, Washington File Special Correspondent.

The article cites Mr. Nihad Awad, co-founder and executive direction of CAIR as saying, “The chief challenge is ignorance, not malice or hostility.”

ACAIR notes that this is the same Mr. Awad who stated to a rally of California Muslims in 1998: “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

Are these the words of a self-described follower of the peaceful religion of Islam, or the words of a hateful religious bigot? We find it hypocritical for Mr. Awad to spit hate out of one side of his mouth while preaching in favor of democracy our the other. Mr. Awad has not learned that in a democracy, all rights are protected, even those of a person who preaches the core values of CAIR: Malice and hostility toward all those who do not share their “religious” viewpoints. Make no mistake: CAIR’s leadership, were it Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or otherwise, would have long ago been labeled a “hate group” by the mainstream media had the truth been known about their activities. It is only through vicious counter attacks and false cries of “Islamophobia” that CAIR has cowed the mainstream press into silence about its assault on our Constitution. Let there be no doubt that if CAIR were ever to reach the pinnacle of power in this country that we would be no better off than the poor unfortunates who suffered under the Taliban.

For Mr. Awad to speak about the compatibility of Islam and democracy is no different than having Mr. Saddam Hussein speak about human rights. The difference? Mr. Awad can keep a straight face when he lies.


March 22, 2003 - Volume 18 - Number 11

The Muslim public-relations group CAIR—Council on American Islamic Relations—has a tough sell in post-9/11 America. But if its goal is simply to promote Islam as a "religion of peace" and to distance American Muslims from terrorism, why can't CAIR begin with a simple acknowledgment that the terrorist threat to America is real? Instead, CAIR's modus operandi has been to attack Christianity with the same, simplistic broad brush it claims is tarring Islam




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